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Contractors trust us with their construction or renovation projects. We are THE reference whether for the purchase of skylights or for the fulfillment of the mandate from A to Z.

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Purchase of skylights

We offer contractors a wide variety of skylight choices. Our professionals in skylights can suggest you quality products, adapted to your type of project.

Turnkey service

We are the experts in our field which is why we offer contractors a turnkey service (evaluation, quotes, submission, manufacturing, installation, finishing) of skylights. A guaranteed and flawless service.

The extent of our skylights

All our solutions are tailor-made for your customers.

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Our cover skylights Sindro

A simple and effective solution to your flow problem.

Sindro by Ciella is a transparent device that completely covers and protects the skylight, while allowing maximum brightness to penetrate. Sindro, peace of mind is guaranteed.

We have the inventory available for your projects

At Ciella, we have a large inventory of skylights and accessories accessories that allow us to offer a fast and efficient service: skylights, fixed or opening skylights, etc. So, whatever your our team of experts is there for you! With practical practical solutions and quality products, they will be able to meet your needs to meet your needs within the desired time frame.

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