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Our expertise in the field of skylights ensures you the best choice to optimize natural light and thus create an ultimate living environment beyond your room.


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Whether it’s a new installation or a replacement of skylights, our team of experts understands that every customer has different realities. Moreover, they will take the time to go on site to make an assessment of your needs, while analyzing the elements in place. Afterwards, they will offer you a personalized and viable solution.

The professionals of installation

The installation quality of the skylight and its maintenance are essential

Rest assured by entrusting the installation of your skylights to our installers trained by VELUX. In addition to performing a quality installation, they will give you sound advice on the maintenance to be performed to ensure the durability of the skylight.

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Velux Certified Installer

Our warranties

All our skylights are guaranteed on sloped roofs

Ciella offers different warranties for skylights on sloped or flat roofs*.
With the guarantee, be worry-free. Ciella has your peace of mind at heart.

*Contact us to learn more about the skylight warranties for flat roofs.

Our accessories

From the remote to the telescopic rod

We offer you several accessories to facilitate the use of your skylight and thus make the most of it. The telescopic rod to control the opening skylight, the awning to control the sun level or the smart remote control for the electric skylight are just a few examples.

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