25 years with you in a skylight

For 25 years, the team of experts in skylights Ciella has been dedicated to illuminating your spaces with high-performance and innovative products. Always in solution mode, Ciella offers a turnkey service of installation, repair or replacement of skylights.

We only choose products of the highest quality and our installation methods have been proven for many years.

Extensive procedure

Our products are factory custom made

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of skylights, we stand out for the quality of our custom made products according to a thorough procedure, but especially thanks to our unparalleled professionalism. Always in search of innovation, over time, we have understood, studied and analyzed the problems related to the skylights from which the idea of creating a skylight cover was born. Today, we are proud to offer our patented product Sindro by Ciella. A product that protects your skylight from the elements.

The benefits of the skylight

The energy impact on the human will surprise you

  • People's mood

    Lack of natural light saddens 15% of us. Exposure to sunlight contributes to good mental health.

  • Productivity

    Productivity increases by an average of 8% in environments that incorporate natural elements such as light.

  • Learning

    An adequate supply of natural light can improve children’s learning abilities by up to 15%.

  • Absenteeism

    Employees with sunshine at work took 6.5% less sick leave than their peers without light.

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